Welcome on board! The motor boat  Subaquatic is the only vessel on the Slovene Littoral that offers simultaneously a visit to a picturesque underwater world and a marvellous panorama cruise.

The boat can board fifty voyagers,  twelve among them can alternate in viewing the underwater world through big windows placed under the deck.

The geological composition of the sea bed, flora and fauna of the inshore, underwater overhangs and plantations of mussels can be studied during the ride.

The sea route Piran-Fiesa-Strunjan and back boasts a beautiful panoramic experience of the seaboard and an enchanting  sea view of Piran.

The excursion takes 1h 30 min.

Route: Piran – Fiesa – Pacug – Strunjan and back.


adults 15 €

kids to 12 years old 10 €

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