Stara Gostilna

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Stara Gostilna

Do you think that you have tasted many different flavours and know what good food means? Visit our restaurant and we will convince you of the opposite. Stara Gostilna is one of the oldest restaurants in Piran. We are already the fifth family that has been operating in the building since 1997. We are trying to make your visit welcome with kindness, smile and a rich offer. We will wake you up by mixing rich interesting flavours.

We offer a varied menu with fairy-tale dishes, as our cooking team includes the top-level masterchef of Slovenia. We are very famous for our fish soup. We produce home-made fresh bread, spreads and pasta.

Stara Gostilna is located in the center of Piran. Inside, it is modernly furnished with comfortable chairs. Stone walls conjure up the Istrian, homely atmosphere, where you will delight your tastes with pleasure. We can create an intimate environment for two people or a feast for the whole company.

What is most exciting for our guests is the wonderful dessert called “Saksija”. Guests are surprised at the service, as it seems that we served them with a flower in a clay pot. The dessert is delicious and modern, suitable for a surprise.

Reservations are required before arrival. We accommodate up to 36 people in the restaurant. We also arrange your special wishes. We can create a romantic atmosphere for couples, fiancés and dates. Stara Gostilna is also an idyllic place to celebrate anniversaries or birthdays. Would you also like to have a private dinner? No problem, we got you covered.

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