Restaurant Tri vdove

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Restaurant Tri vdove

A proximity of the sea, the medieval tradition of Piran cultural heritage and the hospitality of the staff of the Tri vdove Restaurant will make you memorable moments of the sea. The restaurant is known for its fresh fish specialties and unique ambience near the sea. Tri vdove is a restaurant with added value.

The terrace of the Tri vdove Restaurant offers 100 seats with an open view on the Bay of Piran. The all year round terrace offers shade in hot summer days and it also provides pleasant shelter from the harsh north wind in winter. The interior is decorated in the traditional coastal style and seats 40 people.

Firstly, you will find fresh seafood specialties prepared in the Mediterranean style in the Tri vdove Restaurant offers. In addition to the good food you can choose between high-quality wines of local winemakers and so you can enjoy an exciting and memorable culinary experience.

For quick daily reservations please call us on +386 5 673 02 91. For further information and reservations for a few days in advance, please contact us via e-mail and we will respond you as soon as possible.


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