Restaurant Delfin

Restaurant Delfin

In 1. st may square a most charming and among the oldest square in Piran, there is the Delfin restaurant where in an agreeable surrounding you will be offered delicious mussels, fish and meat dishes with excellent vintage to go with.


We serve:

All kind of seafood


Salads and Deserts



It is interesting to add that our restaurant has also served as a backdrop to the film “Naš Avto” (1962) , on the right you can see the insert from the film , in which the car crashes into our restaurant.

Square 1st May (sometimes Old Market , in Italian Piazza Vecchia ) is one of the oldest squares in Piran. Up to 13 century, the square was the center of Piran, but it soon became too small for the growing population.
Old Square was the administrative center of the city until the 13th century. There stood the old municipal building. In the middle of the square stands the rainwater reservoir, which covers almost the entire area of the market. Built after a severe drought in the 1775th. The stairs leading to adorn the allegorical statues of Law and Justice . On the shield of Law are the data: date , description of purpose and name of citizens who contributed to its construction . On the shield of Rights are the city coat of arms, family crest of Marcello and Bemba .

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