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Paco 1

In the pleasant ambience of the Istrian Paco1 Restaurant, you will be served with homemade Istrian specialties, fish dishes and a drop of wine. In summer we offer the hustle and bustle of the tourist town in the terrace on the seafront promenade, although you can have sufficient privacy and peace.

The interior of the Paco1 Restaurant in local Istrian style seats 70 people and so it is thus suitable for family gatherings, parties and celebrations. In summer the terrace overlooking the promenade of Portorož offers the tourist hustle and bustle of the city, but sufficient privacy and peace.

The offers of the Paco1 Restaurant include in addition to domestic Istrian specialties, a wide selection of pizzas, pasta and seafood. Among the culinary delights you will also find seafood and meat specialties and vegetarian dishes prepared according to local, proven recipes.

The restaurant is located in the center of the Portorož town. The main entrance is facing the promenade, which invites passers-by hikers and tourists in summer. The terrace offers direct access and views of the Portorož promenade.

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