From Piran to Venice –

LocationsPiran, Portorož
From Piran to Venice -

Visiting Venice by boat is more than just a trip.

Every day of our life is precious and it is important how and with whom we spend it. The most beautiful place in the world deserves to be presented in all its glory.

Why is Venice a pearl on the north coast of the Adriatic Sea?

The city was the home of the greatest lover of all times, it has been the center of trade routes for centuries, it is the greatest center of culture today and its architecture and history give great inspiration.

That is why is attracts over 18 million tourists every year.

It is important to take advantage of every minute in such a beautiful place to experience the pulse of life.

Our team has been striving to organize trips to Venice the way Venice deserves it since 2009.

Venice is the only city in the world where pigeons walk and lions fly.

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