Čakola Caffe

Čakola Caffe

The caffe is located in the center of the medieval city of Piran.
Čakola in the Istrian dialect means chatting. For the sake of the fact that the very name of the caffe will make you feel a relaxed mood, a pleasant and relaxing gathering. In addition to Čakola, there is also a food market, and its seasonal fruit offer can quickly change with our help in one of the local desserts or a delicious freshly squeezed fruit juice. On the way to the bar, you can also see the remains of a mighty Piran wall, located in the immediate vicinity of Dolfinov’s Gate.

In the morning, we will pamper you with the harmony of different types of coffee and teas, which will help you to pound the first bites.
In the background you will be gorged by gentle Mediterranean rhythms …
When the morning is over in the afternoon, the wave of rhythms will be a bit faster. The atmosphere will be stirred up with a varied range of cocktails. And it’s hard to resist tempting desserts that will handle the seasons …
In the evenings, you will be able to pour pure wine with your friends at the Istrian bar. You will be able to choose between various seaside wines from the coast, thus covering the whole area of ​​the Slovenian Littoral, from the coast, through the Karst to the Goriška Brda. With us, you will also be able to enjoy cigars.

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