5-6 kg

5-6 kg

Gostilnica 5-6 kg prepares various dishes from the bread oven. Guests can taste piglets, sausages, pizza with different stuffing, seafood dishes, while during the day snacks and lunches are also available. There are also wines from Goriška Brda, beer lovers can choose between Bevog beer and Pivovarna Union local beer brewery.

Menu choice: Slovenian dishes, game dishes, seafood, pizzas, vegetarian dishes, lunchtime menus, desserts, homemade bread, homemade baked goods, homemade schnapps, Slovenian wines.

Typical Ljubljana dishes: beef soup with noodles, beef tongue, kranjska klobasa (pork and bacon sausage), štruklji with tarragon.

Additional amenities: outdoor seating, high chairs, wireless internet, live music, takeaway service.

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