Central Slovenia

The Central Slovenia region is the place where the alpine and karst landscapes meet. It's a perfect destination for relaxed and active holidays.

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Escape Castle


With this exciting adventure game with elements of the game “Escape Room”, you will learn about the

Location: Ljubljana Castle, Grajska planota, Ljubljana, SloveniaWebsite: https://www.ljubljanskigrad.si/en/castle-experiences/escape-castle/Phone: +386 1 306 42 93

Ljubljana Castle


A mighty medieval fortress and an unmissable symbol of the Slovenian capital kindly invites you for

Location: Ljubljana Castle, Grajska planota, Ljubljana, SloveniaWebsite: https://www.ljubljanskigrad.si/en/the-ljubljana-castle/Phone: +386 1 306 42 93



This takeaway restaurant offering traditional Arab food is particularly popular for the quality of

Location: Abi Falafel, Trubarjeva cesta, Ljubljana, SloveniaWebsite: http://www.falafel.si/Phone: + 386 (0)41 640 166
Bazilika Bistro Closed nowOpens on Monday at 00:00

Bazilika Bistro


The Bazilika Bistro offers a choice of vegetarian and vegan dishes containing fresh seasonal

Location: Bazilika Bistro, Prešernova cesta, Ljubljana, SloveniaWebsite: http://www.bazilika.si/Phone: +386 (0)41 883 488

5-6 kg


Gostilnica 5-6 kg prepares various dishes from the bread oven. Guests can taste piglets, sausages,

Location: Gostilnica 5-6 kg, Gornji trg, Ljubljana, SloveniaWebsite: https://www.facebook.com/gostilnica56kg/Phone: +386 (1) 320 08 04