Lučkarnica Popsicle Store

Lučkarnica Popsicle Store

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Who doesn’t like popsicles, right? Right! Lučkarnica, a shop, exclusively dedicated to popsicles and run by the owner of town’s famous Gelateria Romantika, is the newest addition to the Old town, and it is a must stop for everybody who is into healthy sweets, as one popsicle contains only 4 grams of sugar (the equivalent of the amonut of the sugar you get with your coffee). Do you like it milky or vegan? Fruit, fruit-herbal or fruit-vegetable? No added sugar or just straight LCHF? They have it all! If you are into coatings and sprinkles, you can coat, doublecoat and sprinkle your popsicle and choose from 13 interesting gourmet sprinkles on top. If you like to go “naked” the only thing to consider is whether or not to enjoy it just like that or while dipping it in a glass of slovene sparkling wine. Go, check it out and thank us later!