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Laganini Lifestyle

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The term “laganini” is a popular term among the locals, as it denotes the Dalmatian term for a relaxed lifestyle.  Ivona and Katja, designers from Ljubljana, took it a step further and placed it in their slow fashion brand ‘Laganini Lifestyle,’ which swears by sustainable solutions and uses exclusively Slovenian materials. Their bestseller is certainly the elegant middle finger, placed on T-shirts, masks, and socks, and which perfectly describes the mood of the strangeness of the last year. The illustration is the work of illustrator Bojana Dimitrovski and is a direct response to the flood of fast fashion products and unethical actions in the fashion industry. You can get your middle finger souvenir from Ljubljana pri ’ll love it, we swear!  Get it at the Extraordinary store in the heart of the Old town.