Laganini Istrian Tours with an Oldtimer

Laganini Istrian Tours with an Oldtimer

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Discover the Charm of Istria in Style: Join Laganini’s Oldtimer Tours

If you have ever felt the desire for a different, adventurous and original way of exploring the rich landscape of Slovenian Istria, then come with us. Let yourself be carried away by Laganini. In a relaxing, fun and romantic way, we will see, feel and experience the pulse of Istria, its villages, nature, history and people. We will show you how life used to be, how it is today, and together we will discover hidden corners of Slovenian Istria.

Laganini, guided tours of the slovenian coast and Istria brings Istria straight to your heart.

Your guide is Saša, a Belgrade-born fan of Slovenia and since 1993 also of Istria where he moved to study at the Faculty of Tourism Studies. His graduation topic was “Old-timer as the main element of the tourist product”.

As a child he travelled the former Yugoslavia with the family Citroen Ami 8 and years later in his grandpa’s Dyane and with the wind in his hair explored Slovenia, particularly Istria, its hinterland, towns, hidden places, natural features, gastronomy and people.

He now drives a 2CV and would like to discover and share Istria’s treasures with you.