Fonda Fish Farm

Fonda Fish Farm

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At the Fonda Fish Farm, we decided to mark the Piran sea bass with a mark of origin and guarantee of quality. The recognisable mark, which we introduced as a novelty on the Slovenian market, enables lovers of marine delicacies full traceability of our fish. Thus, each Piran sea bass, immediately upon being taken out of the sea, are affixed a mark on the gill flaps, indicating the origin and the date of their catch. This provides you with a guarantee that you have before you a product of superior quality reflecting a fresh fish which was bred in a healthy environment and in compliance with the highest standards.

We decided to breed the best farmed fish in the world.

Wholesome food is essential for good health.

In today’s world, genuinely wholesome foods are increasingly hard to find and we are increasingly less inclined towards living a healthy lifestyle. Thus, we decided to do something about it.

We produce food which is natural and healthy, arriving fresh from the Slovenian sea and coast directly to your home.

We possess the knowledge, experience and unshakable conviction and enthusiasm for all that we do.

We guarantee that we will fulfil our promise to you.

Visit the Fish Farm

The Fonda family are passionate about the sea and dedicated to breeding the finest Piran sea bass with love and attention.

Now you have the opportunity to visit their marine fish farm. Situated in the magnificent nature of the Slovenian Istria, in the middle of the Piran bay, in the heart of the fishing preserve and the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, the Fonda fish farm promises to deliver a truly unforgettable experience of the freshest and finest sea fish for lovers of the sea, sun and seafood.

Visit us and discover what makes the Fonda Piran sea bass so special and gives it such high culinary, trade and marketing value. We’ll share all of our secrets: The selection of young fish spawn and the right type of feed, manual feeding and all aspects of caring for the environment, health and growth of several generations of the Piran sea bass.

Visits to the Fonda fish farm must be booked in advance and are possible only in good weather conditions. In the event of rain, strong wind or large waves, visits will unfortunately have to be cancelled.

Guided visits are conducted in Slovenian, Italian and English.