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This holiday season, you have the incredible opportunity to experience something truly special: the Living Nativity in Postojna Cave.

Imagine being taken beneath the earth’s surface, where you’ll step into a world that feels like a journey through time. It’s a magical reenactment of the Christmas story, set in a place that’s absolutely enchanting.

Postojna Cave’s enigmatic underground realm will be the magnificent backdrop for the largest living nativity scene in Slovenia, showcasing one of the world’s most stunning Christmas presentations.

Step into the mesmerizing wonderland of Postojna Cave, a subterranean masterpiece that has captured the imagination of countless visitors. With its stunning cave formations and rich biodiversity, Postojna Cave is a testament to the breathtaking beauty of the natural world.

Postojna Cave’s underground train ride is a truly unique experience, offering a glimpse of a subterranean paradise that has been meticulously shaped by the slow and patient work of water droplets over millions of years. As you venture deeper into this captivating world, you’ll find yourself in the company of extraordinary cave formations, including the precious brilliance of the cave’s unique gems. But that’s not all – here, you can also meet the baby dragons of the cave, adding a touch of magic to your underground adventure.

Just like the world above the surface, Postojna Cave boasts towering mountains, meandering rivers, and vast subterranean halls. It’s a realm that beckons explorers and serves as the cradle of speleobiology, offering a wealth of knowledge and beauty to those who venture within.

But the adventure doesn’t end there. Predjama Castle, a medieval marvel perched dramatically on a towering cliff just a few kilometers away, has defiantly withstood the tests of time for more than eight centuries. Your journey through Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle is set to be a one-of-a-kind experience, where history and nature seamlessly intertwine, revealing new and awe-inspiring facets of Earth’s remarkable history with every turn.

When you visit Postojna Cave, you’re in for an adventure that suits every visitor. The cave is open daily, even on public holidays, and the guided tour, which includes a captivating cave train ride and an easy walk along well-maintained footpaths, takes approximately an hour and a half. Knowledgeable tour guides accompany each group, offering insightful commentary in Slovenian, Italian, English, or German, bringing the cave’s splendors to life.

For those who prefer a more personalized experience, audio guides are available in an impressive array of 17 languages, ensuring that every visitor can immerse themselves in the cave’s rich history and natural beauty. The cave tours are designed to be inclusive, welcoming families with young children and visitors with mobility impairments.

One important thing to note is the consistent temperature inside the cave, which remains at a comfortable 10°C throughout the year. To ensure your comfort during the tour, we recommend wearing warm clothing and sturdy sports footwear.

Ljubljana Festival is the biggest, oldest and most important festival in both Slovenia and the wider region. Over the years, it has become a way of life during the summer holidays for residents and visitors of Ljubljana alike; and for visitors not only from surrounding countries but from far beyond as well. With its colourful cosmopolitan spirit, the festival contributes a great deal to the life and energy of the Slovenian capital, itself considered one of the liveliest cities in Europe.

The main goal of the Ljubljana Festival has always been to present a carefully selected programme with outstanding performers who are driven by excellence, creative energy and a desire to provide audiences with the best possible performance experience. Indeed the Ljubljana Festival has become an important reference for artists, and they often come back to perform, sometimes again and again.

Some years ago it was awarded the Golden Honorary Medal of Freedom – the highest award of the President of the Republic of Slovenia – for its value in organising and presenting national and international artistic activities.

Check their webpage for more information on concerts and events.

Discover the Charm of Istria in Style: Join Laganini’s Oldtimer Tours

If you have ever felt the desire for a different, adventurous and original way of exploring the rich landscape of Slovenian Istria, then come with us. Let yourself be carried away by Laganini. In a relaxing, fun and romantic way, we will see, feel and experience the pulse of Istria, its villages, nature, history and people. We will show you how life used to be, how it is today, and together we will discover hidden corners of Slovenian Istria.

Laganini, guided tours of the slovenian coast and Istria brings Istria straight to your heart.

Your guide is Saša, a Belgrade-born fan of Slovenia and since 1993 also of Istria where he moved to study at the Faculty of Tourism Studies. His graduation topic was “Old-timer as the main element of the tourist product”.

As a child he travelled the former Yugoslavia with the family Citroen Ami 8 and years later in his grandpa’s Dyane and with the wind in his hair explored Slovenia, particularly Istria, its hinterland, towns, hidden places, natural features, gastronomy and people.

He now drives a 2CV and would like to discover and share Istria’s treasures with you.

Cycling is most certainly one of the most enjoyable ways to explore Slovenian Istria.
Rent an e-bike and start your adventure!

Cycling is most certainly one of the most enjoyable ways to explore Slovenian Istria.
Rent a bike and start your adventure!

The mere airplane flight is an experience itself. Discover our unforgettable panoramic views and beautiful landscapes.


Upon crossing the Slovenian-Croatian border, the first thing you catch sight of is a picturesque village of Dragonja spread over with vineyards, olive groves and cultivated areas are spread over.

Kmetija Mahnič Farm, located just a step away from the main road embraces you with a warm welcome serving produce, carefully grown by Nonno Gvido, Nonna Franka and Mr Adrijano all year long. The patio of their restaurant with a rustic charm gives an exceptional view across the salt pans to the sea and the nearby Kaštel village, to individuals and groups of tourist who are always made to feel settled here. Having an exquisite drink served by Ms Ingrid as well as some exceptional homemade food prepared by Nonna Franka and Mr Adrijano, many wish that the day would come to an end.

Kmetija Mahnič Farm is spread over 15 hectares of land and is home to olive plantations, orchards, vegetable fields, last but not least vineyards. The fifth Wine Queen of Slovenian Istria, Miss Kim Mahnič, is there to proudly present ten varieties that flourish in their vineyards namely, Malvasia, Refosco, white and black Burgundy, Bianchera, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Yellow Muscat, Momjan Muscat and Cipro.

At the Fonda Fish Farm, we decided to mark the Piran sea bass with a mark of origin and guarantee of quality. The recognisable mark, which we introduced as a novelty on the Slovenian market, enables lovers of marine delicacies full traceability of our fish. Thus, each Piran sea bass, immediately upon being taken out of the sea, are affixed a mark on the gill flaps, indicating the origin and the date of their catch. This provides you with a guarantee that you have before you a product of superior quality reflecting a fresh fish which was bred in a healthy environment and in compliance with the highest standards.

We decided to breed the best farmed fish in the world.

Wholesome food is essential for good health.

In today’s world, genuinely wholesome foods are increasingly hard to find and we are increasingly less inclined towards living a healthy lifestyle. Thus, we decided to do something about it.

We produce food which is natural and healthy, arriving fresh from the Slovenian sea and coast directly to your home.

We possess the knowledge, experience and unshakable conviction and enthusiasm for all that we do.

We guarantee that we will fulfil our promise to you.

Visit the Fish Farm

The Fonda family are passionate about the sea and dedicated to breeding the finest Piran sea bass with love and attention.

Now you have the opportunity to visit their marine fish farm. Situated in the magnificent nature of the Slovenian Istria, in the middle of the Piran bay, in the heart of the fishing preserve and the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, the Fonda fish farm promises to deliver a truly unforgettable experience of the freshest and finest sea fish for lovers of the sea, sun and seafood.

Visit us and discover what makes the Fonda Piran sea bass so special and gives it such high culinary, trade and marketing value. We’ll share all of our secrets: The selection of young fish spawn and the right type of feed, manual feeding and all aspects of caring for the environment, health and growth of several generations of the Piran sea bass.

Visits to the Fonda fish farm must be booked in advance and are possible only in good weather conditions. In the event of rain, strong wind or large waves, visits will unfortunately have to be cancelled.

Guided visits are conducted in Slovenian, Italian and English.

The fleisch coastal landscape on the Strunjan peninsula combines wealth and beauty, both natural and those shaped by man for centuries.

The park, adorned on the north side by an 80-meter high flysch cliff with natural sea shore, descends through the sunny and treated slopes to the south, all the way to the valley of the Roja stream, the sea lagoon and the still operating salt pans.

The view from the exceptional points of view in the park in clear weather goes across the whole of the Gulf of Trieste and all the way to Triglav.