Eat & Drink

On Sundays, you are welcome to join us in Tivoli for a delicious traditional lunch accompanied by Slovenian piano music.

A restaurant in an enchanting location with view of the square offering great food for acceptable prices.

Stara gostilna (Old restaurant) is the reason why you don’t come to Piran just for the sea. Stara gostilna invites you on a special journey to experience the luxury of authentic flavours, just a few steps from the Piran promenade.

We are one of the oldest restaurants in Piran, but our chef lives the third millennium. We combine local culinary heritage with youthful imagination and talent. This is why Stara gostilna is actually always young.

Stara gostilna is hidden amongst the old houses of Piran. It is like an elegant glass cabinet that addresses only the connoisseurs. Its alluring and glamorous ambience is small but exceptionally rich. It is velvety black, yet full of creative spark. It will uncover the mystery of hedonism – how to slow down the pace of life and surrender to the luxury of the moment.

Stara gostilna can accommodate up to 20 guests, but you can also book it just for yourself – for a private event or intimate dinner, just for two. Let everything revolve around what you want!

In the summer, you can enjoy sea specialties on the terrace of the Barka Restaurant: original seasonal dishes, fresh fish, crustaceans and molluscs. For meat lovers, we prepare a rich offer of grilled meat and delicious meat specialties. In addition, the restaurant offers a wide selection of fine wines.

A quiet restaurant with very tasty dishes and a wide selection of superb pizzas.

Offering daily lunches and delivery at home. Excellent pizzas as well as great and helpful staff.

Restaurant Korte offers fresh sea fish and meat specialities every day, as well as selected bottled wines. For exquisitely prepared sea food and other dishes, we use olive oil exclusively.

Specialities which our guests simply must try:

Guests can enjoy superb sea fish and other Adriatic specialities prepared in many different ways.

All wines are from a local producer – Korenika.

We are here for you, and we strive to please you since 1964.

Reservations in advance are required for larger groups, especially at weekends.

A la carte menu

Daily, on every working day, from 12.00 to 21.00, guests can choose from all dishes on our menu.
Daily fresh fish and fish dishes, meat dishes, house specialities, local Istrian dishes, truffles, home-made bread, etc.

Families and family celebrations

Most of our guests at weekends are families.
Many guests celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, confirmations, first communion, graduation, etc. with us.
We also provide for larger organised groups.
We can arrange special menus for larger numbers of guests.

Where successful business agreements are concluded

Business people and their business partners represent the majority of our guests from Monday to Friday.
In a pleasant atmosphere, with excellent food and discrete staff, business connections and business arrangements are concluded and confirmed.
A separate room is available for business meetings.
Companies often organise lunches or dinners for their staff during weekdays.
Guests on business like to explore the surrounding countryside, the peace and pristine nature, and mingle with the friendly local people.

Starting point for cycling

Beautiful surroundings offer many opportunities for sports activities, such as cycling and hiking.

Daily fresh delicacies

There is a part of the Old Town right by the Ljubljanica River that has a special charm to it, called the ‘Gallusovo nabrežje embankment.’ This charming quarter invites you with its captivating views, the best natural tree shade and bustling conversations in local and global languages. There you’ll find the freshly-opened bistro and pizza place, Beštija, standing proudly right in the middle of all that action. Their menu is perfect for those who strive to eat quality food, but still want to stay on the budget, as it includes various pizzas, salads, pasta, and roast beef, just to name a few of their awesome delicacies. They also boast about one of the most astonishing pizza & bread ovens. Seriously, some people come there just to take a picture of the stove! But we would definitely recommend you to stop by for the food. Especially if you are on a family trip.  You can thank us later!Are you visiting our beloved Ljubljana on a Sunday? Feeling hungry and up for a traditional Slovenian lunch? Search no more, Švicarija is the answer! Located in the heart of Tivoli park, overlooking the Castle, this amazing bistro offers THE Sunday lunch of all Sunday lunches! It’s extremely popular among the locals, as it consists of a 4-course menu which includes a homemade delicacy of local goodies, a delicious beef stew, roasted veal leg with potatos, vegetables from local farmers and a »let me blow your mind« kind of apple strudle with vanilla ice cream. We highly recommend it!