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Led by: Erik Valenčič
Guests: Polona Fijavž and Grega Repovž

It’s time to start talking about it as loudly as possible: Europe is in serious trouble. The situation is more dangerous and explosive than you might want to admit. Hungary and Poland are ruled by autocrats, Italy by fascists, and the march of the extreme right to power continues everywhere, even in countries that, like Sweden, are traditionally more tolerant. The crisis, which is fueling extreme, populist forces and is eroding the European Union from within, will continue next year as well. Germany, the economic locomotive of Europe, is surely sliding into recession and the war in Ukraine has no end in sight. It seems as if there is simply no good news. Who knows, maybe that’s the only positive thing in this mess. We don’t need false hope. What we really urgently need is a prudent consideration of how to get out of this rut. Before it’s too late.